Visual identity

Visual identity



XII Latvian School Youth Song and Dance Celebration (further – The Celebration) the artistic concept “DECORATE” is characterized by three keywords: TO DECORTATE – DECORATE – PLAY. 

Author of the Celebration concept – Inga Krišāne:
“We dress up in beautiful costumes for the Song and Dance Celebration, we decorate the celebration atmosphere with beautiful songs, joyous dances and games. School Youth Song and Dance Celebration is a play within the framework of Latvian Song and Dance Celebration tradition, and the year 2021 is the culmination of the preparation of the Celebration, or the Celebration adornment. The time when Latvia, in the middle of summer, sings on the mountain of world culture with songs, dances, sounds of kokle and brass bands.”



The central element of the Celebration logo is the sun that dresses itself into girls’ braids, hair bands, whose depictions also symbolize boys’ handkerchiefs. Both the elements visible in the drawing and the way they adorn, in reference to each other, represents a play –  decoration as an integral part of the Celebrationas the most ornate of ornaments.




For the IX Latvian School Youth Song and Dance Celebration, in 2005 a festive slogan “Come enjoy” (“Nāc gavilēt!” – in latvian) was created. The slogan came to life, became closely associated with the School Youth Song and Dance Celebration, and was used vividly in communication. Continuing successful communication practice, “Come enjoy!” Will also be used in the XII Latvian School Youth Song and Dance Celebration communication, with the aim of continuing to use this slogan not just in campaign form, but within a long-term tradition.

Author of the slogan – Andris Akmentiņš:
“Glee is a natural expression of joy. It is quite possible that the first sounds of joy are not yet present in the melody, even the first leaps in the air are not exactly a rhythmic dance, but it is the most real beginning, and we wanted to include it in the Celebration. The slogan speaks to multitude of people, for we will not look for differences in the celebration, but for the unique connection, which makes the Song Festival a part of the world cultural heritage.”

XII Latvian School Youth Song and Dance Celebration logo graphically underlines the slogan, depicting the joys of children joining hands for a play, as well as cries of joy and excitement for a new and beautiful adornment that is created during the long preparation process.